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Come on, girls. Step lively.

Not sure what this is, exactly, but the woman in the back is looking exceptionally boss. Part of the Retronautic WTF series.


This woman is so striking and impressive, I love her style.  But her eyes are so sad, I wish we could know more about her and what her life story was.

Two Brothers in chequered Pants - Sixth Plate Ambrotype taken in the United States - mid 1800s

Lomer Griffin - Age 116 - The Oldest Man Living, born April 22nd 1759 (pictured with his son). Photo taken in March, 1875 by W. H. Cunningham in Lodi, Ohio.
Good old Lomer would be 252 today.


Alphonse Mucha, Paul Gauguin à l’harmonium dans l’atelier de Mucha, Paris vers 1893. Photo gélantine d’argent — 24 × 18 cm © Mucha foundation, Prague


Now THAT’s a long beard. I bet he still got the ZZ-Top jokes*, though.
* response: ‘OMG you’re SO original, never heard that one before…*rollseyes*

Telegraph Messengers posing with their High Wheelers - one an Ordinary and the other a Safety Bike - Tintype taken in the 1880s


You just can’t argue with style
you just can’t


Woman and Man Gardening, 1900
by Jeanette Bernard

Medicomechanical Gadgets manufactured by Zander in the 1890s


When I first started this blog I posted a lot of pictures of just bad-ass looking dudes.
No reason not to resurrect that habit.


Beach Bod (by upload)


Jessie Tarbox Beals


Anna Swan, late 1800s, Nova Scotia

Lady with a small Child on a Donkey - Photo taken in Wales - c1900 
via Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru

Happy Jack Eckert - ‘World’s Prize Fat Man, 34 years, weight 739 pounds. Largest Elk, Moose and Woodman of the World’ -
Postcard via liveauctioneers


Long-maned horse.
1905, River Falls, WI. Percheron/pony cross, belonged to a local girl. Won a contest at the county fair.

'Retouching Portraits' - Photo that was originally part of a stereograph, taken in 1889


Lewis W. Hine
New York City, 1910
From America & Lewis Hine: Photographs 1904-1940

Fatso and Thin Man - Cabinet Portrait by Howie, 187 Jefferson Avenue, Detroit - 1890’s

A season ticket to the Paris World’s Fair of 1878, issued to a Monsieur Mangeot. The pass was adapted from a carte-de-visite portrait of the holder.

Mr. & Mrs. Battersby - weighing 69 & 700 lbs (34.5 & 350kg) - Fat Lady and Skeleton Man from the 1860s


Early motorist at Crickhowell, 1900s.

Cabinet Card advert for H. W. Applegate’s Shoe Store in Jonesboro, Arkansas

Young spinners in Cornell Mill, Fall River, Massachusetts in       January 1912 
via LOC


ca. 1889, [Women with Rifles], Gerhard Gesell
via the Wisconsin Historical Society


Number 25 bendy bus, packed as usual. What an awesome selection of vintage London shots. What a beautiful city!
Crowded Bus Ride in 1865 - Vintage London: Taking in the Smoke - Photo Gallery - LIFE

'Shoeing the Grey Mare' 1892
Photographer: Smallridge, C - via The British Library

Main Street, Gorbals  - 1911
The Gorbals is an area on the south bank of the River Clyde in the city of Glasgow, Scotland. By the late 19th century, it had become over-populated and adversely affected by local industrialisation. It became widely known as a dangerous slum and was subject to efforts at redevelopment, which contributed to more problems.
via Scotiana

A Fisherman at Home -  1887
Photographer: Emerson, Peter Henry

John Thomson, ‘Half-penny ices’ - 1876.

Surface workers at Bredisholm Collieries, Baillieston - 1890.

English street children in the 1890s.

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