dinsdag 30 juli 2013


Dorothy Lake Gregory / Happy Hour Stories

ArtbyJean - Vintage Clip Art: Four different beautiful vintage prints of children from the "Vintage Children" prints collection

Vintage Grace Jones book illustration, via Etsy

Elisabeth Shippen Green / The Dreamer

Millicent Etheldreda Gray

Lilian A. Govey

M.M. Gell / Happy Times


Wally Fialkowska

Wally Fialkowska

Karl Feiertag / Klein Liesje

Maginel Wright Enright / The Rosie World  Internet Archive

Maginel Wright Enright / About Harriet

Maginel Wright Enright

Maginel Wright Enright / When little things go rhyming

Jane Dyer

Hope Dunlap

Rie Cramer

Fanny Y. Cory / Pleasant Tragedies of Childhood

Land of Dreams


Angusine Macgregor illustration

A Glowing Warmth - Carmen L Browne

Rhoda Chase / Child's World, Primer

Rhoda Chase

Eleanor B. Campbell /   Good times with our friends

Clara M. Burd Favorite Nursery Rhymes

Clara M. Burd Merill readers

Clara M. Burd A Child's garden of verses

Clara M. Burd Child's garden of verses

Clara M. Burd Mother goose and her goslings

Clara M. Burd Baby's record book

Paul Temple

Frances Brundage Night before Christmas

Frances Brundage Adventures of Jack

vintage postcard from Delcampe.net

Mary Brooks

Ida Bohatta-Mopurgo Weihnachten

Beatrice Mallet

Roy Best

Margot Voigt Wynken Blynken and Nod

Anne Anderson Tub time tales

Anne Anderson Our tots bumper book

Anne Anderson Maisie-Daisie Book

Billie Parks Child's Treasury

Anne Anderson Old Mother Goose

Anne Anderson

Anne Anderson

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