zondag 14 april 2013


Wringer washer

Chattanooga, Tennessee


Nino Migliori - Lavandaie, 1956

vintage ad


Classic package

the maid was in the garden

Today's Monday Today's Monday Monday is washing day.  Is ev'rybody happy?  You bet your life we are.'

busy day in dollville

antique sad iron

out sunning with the laundry

metal washboard

Wonderful socks!


Washday with dolls clothes, Mary pegging them on a miniature washing line c1907 © National Museums Liverpool (by kind permission of Heather Price)


The Farmers Wife

~ Yesteryear Laundry Day ~


Primitive Fabric Antique Transfer on Wood Laundry Room Soap Sign.etsy.com

American life, wash day, 1840

wash   day

Vintage Laundry.  So grateful for my washer and dryer!

vintage soap and laundry posters

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