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Thomas Saint invented the sewing machine in 1790

Publicité pour les machines à coudre Singer


This is a Hand Crank Singer Sewing Machine from the 1920s   No - it's not mine ~ but I'd love to own that case!!



Gresham treadle sewing machine

Grandma's sewing machine


Sewing and Quilting Set 6

seamstress, vintage postcard

Singer sewing machines

❤✄◡ً✄❤  Sewing Lady

Domestic sewing machine trade card

Victorian Trade Card Domestic Sewing Machine No 8

Victorian Trade Card Wheeler Wilson's Sewing Machines Boy Dog

Big Kitty Cat on Sewing Machine Victorian Trade Card New Home Sewing Machine Co

Álbum de imágenes para la inspiración | Aprender manualidades es

Mary Engelbreit (1978) Strawberries Sugar And Cream

Child sewing-vintage.

The Singer Sewing Machine

machine - Original, beautifully detailed antique double page engraving of sewing machines, printed in 1904. The size of the print (in inches): 9,8" x 6,7" (25 x 17 cm)  The print is in good condition and the paper shows its age with a creamy patina, perfect for framing. Concerning the age of the paper - cca. 105 years - some spots can be occured on the margin and the reverse side, but these do not effect the quality of the print itself as it can be seen on the scan.

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